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Almost 2 days...

...of everyone’s work week is wasted on non-productive interfacing activities.
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The Product

Accelerate your transformation journey using XeP3

A cloud-based transformation tool that delivers quantified productivity and capacity improvements.

Quantitatively pinpoint the major causes of organisational waste in 4-5 weeks. Redeploy at least 15% of effort and improve your customer experience

XeP3 enterprise transformation tool

Who is it for?

Our Targets

Productivity and cost

Operational backlogs and process glitches

Banish firefighting

Continuous improvement


Embed transformation in your change teams

Eliminate high staff dissatisfaction and turnover

Meet customer expectations

XeP3 enterprise transformation tool

See the difference it's making


Decrease in CT booking time

Case Study

Simplifying Processes at Australia’s Leading Cancer Centre

The process to book a non-urgent CT scan took 29 days, adding a long and stressful time for waiting patients. Read how the team shrunk booking time and improved patient experience

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What does it do?

Move away from single point initiatives and uncover how your processes actually work

  • Access unparalleled process data analytics
  • Quantify where your operations time is lost
  • Know what activities your people do
  • Involve your people from analysis to implementation

Plan your data-led transformation

  • Target solutions to what matters
  • Model your efficiency gain
  • Structure your transformation on data
  • Track benefits as you make the change


Quantify your efficiency opportunity

  • Quantify your process Noise (waste)
  • See how you benchmark to others
  • Analyse the root causes of your Noise
  • See your heatmap of Noise across your operations
XeP3 enterprise transformation tool

Client Feedback

What do our users say about XeP3?
The software was a great way of demonstrating the noise within our organisation. It provided a practical example of how things can be improved
HR Business Partner

Government Department

XeP3 methodically highlighted where there was noise and opportunity to remove non-value add tasks. The approach made sure we didn’t disrupt the business or stop anything that was adding value
Lead Outsource Specialist

Energy Retailer

This has really shown like never before how much time of busy Clinician’s is wasted, and helped us deliver change to reduce time, increase revenue, and vastly improve our patient’s care – which ultimately is the aim of everything we’re about
Chief Medical Officer

Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

The software was a great way of demonstrating the noise within our organisation. It provided a practical example of how things can be improved
HR Business Partner

Government Department

It’s not like a normal consulting arrangement – it’s clever and it’s fun
GM, Client


They have excellent tools and models – XeP3. Their key capabilities lie in utilising these tools to reduce FTE effort and waste – very well used in our organisation​.
Senior Executive

leading Australian Bank

XeP3 has provided us with great visibility into the day-to-day activities of our teams. The methodology provided us with a new set of lenses to seek out non-value add activities. The XeP3 technology and framework enabled us to establish a roadmap for change over a three-year horizon and add significant value to the business. Our improvement team is now trained to use XeP3 – this has developed our own skills and minimised our reliance on external consultants.
Head of Business Improvement

International Retailer

XeP3 showed us just how much time in hours and minutes is wasted on unproductive work. When we introduced the program, we were able to take our waiting time for scans from three weeks to one day, we were able to make a substantial amount of extra income and also reduce our FTE. Our clinicians were really engaged in the process, which has allowed them to deliver much better care and attention to our patients.
Chief Medical Officer

Health Services Provider

How can XeP3 work for you?

For Business Leaders

We give you a data-driven case for change, with a reliable pathway to track and deliver productivity uplift

Raise productivity
Lower operating costs
Engage your employees
Benchmark your business

For Consulting Professionals

Execute complex change with evidence-backed insights that guide your planning and decisions and de-risk the transition

Gather detailed reporting
Increase time efficiencies
Analyse role and process
Model future scenarios

The science of academia meets the art of real-world problems

  • XeP3 is the result of a unique partnership between industry experts and leading academics
  • XeP3 is a powerful toolset that unlocks insights and efficiencies that were previously impossible to achieve
  • Tested through 1,000+ projects, across three decades of corporate transformations and process engineering work

Meeting the highest standards of academic rigour

  • Built on a research partnership with the Melbourne Business School, the University of Melbourne
  • XeP3 brings a level of academic excellence to the field of process improvement that is unmatched by any other toolset

The book behind XeP3

  • Tom Bevington & Professor Danny Samson show how ‘top-down’ strategies can best be fitted with precision to ‘bottom-up’ processes and process improvements
  • The book offers comprehensive insights into transforming an organisation into a best practice ‘highly productive organisation’ with more power than ever thought previously possible

Can XeP3 transform your organisation?