The process

How XeP3 transforms businesses

XeP3 methodology

An effortless method that makes it simple to let your people lead change


The 8-step process is user-friendly and adaptable, empowering your team to lead the journey of change, simplifying the integration of change and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

People-centred change

Simple to learn

Designed with academic rigour

Tested across 1,000+ projects

People-centred change

  • Staff engagement is the key to change success
  • Use your team to lead the change journey
  • At its heart, the process engages your broad people to build the foundations

Simple to learn

  • Xep3 is the platform to build your internal transformation and change capability
  • Easy to train your team, by design
  • The method is scalable and repeatable, reducing your reliance on change specialists

Built with academic rigour

  • Underpinned by research from the University of Melbourne – Melbourne Business School
  • The fundamental approach captured in the book ‘Implementing Strategic Change’

Tested across over 1,000 projects

  • XeP3 is tested across all sectors of the Australian economy and across the world
  • Banking and financial services, education, resources and petro-chemical, manufacturing, agriculture, retail, distribution, government and not-for-profit

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