Business Leaders

Why choose XeP3?

Drive productivity

  • Typical improvements of >15%
  • Reduced process cycle times
  • Reduced error rates

Unlock capacity

  • Know the size of the prize
  • Target Noise reduction
  • Track as you realise benefits

De-risk transformation

  • Data-led restructure
  • Tested approach
  • Insight-led decisions

Meaningful engagement

  • Start your people’s journey
  • People share their Noise
  • Collaborate to design

What is the XeP3 tool?

A unique productivity improvement toolset to analyse process activities. Ideal for improving complex processes, widespread process reengineering and change management programs. Use XeP3, no matter your organisation size!

Quantify, target, and track your productivity improvement

The unique data that XeP3 builds quantifies the resource capacity release. This not only drives your business case, but allows your to track how these capacity is released – taking the uncertainty out of realisation.

Do transformation right, and with confidence

XeP3 drives effective transformation. Whether you are creating capacity to invest in service delivery, or pushing for productivity to reduce delivery cost, you need to determine how to sustainably create capacity.
Such consequential decisions require compelling evidence objective insight.

Engaged staff lead to successful change

We know change is disruptive. At its heart, XeP3 relies on working with your people to build the data of what happens and how long it takes.
Your transformation is built on the foundation of bottom-up insight and aligns change to what is meaningful to your people. People who know they’ve been heard and are now much more ready to help.


Map and unpack how work happens today

See what work is happening, whose getting involved, and where people's time is going. Look at each role in isolation, or unpack cross-functional processes touching on multiple teams

Analyse where your Noise (waste) is coming from

Drilldown into the data to see what the underlying causes of your Noise are, and which roles and processes they are impacting

Scenario model your future

Build hypotheses for what you could do to bring Noise down, to restructure roles, or to redesign processes. See exactly where your capacity release comes in across your process and by roles

XeP3 methodically highlighted where there was noise and opportunity to remove non-value add tasks. The approach made sure we didn’t disrupt the business or stop anything that was adding value
Lead Outsource Specialist

Energy Retailer

This has really shown like never before how much time of busy Clinician’s is wasted, and helped us deliver change to reduce time, increase revenue, and vastly improve our patient’s care – which ultimately is the aim of everything we’re about
Chief Medical Officer

Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

The software was a great way of demonstrating the noise within our organisation. It provided a practical example of how things can be improved
HR Business Partner

Government Department

It’s not like a normal consulting arrangement – it’s clever and it’s fun
GM, Client


Proof that XeP3 works

1 day

Non-urgent CT scan booking time down from 28 days

Case Study

Specialist Cancer Hospital process improvement

XeP3 identified that there was a 29 day wait on average for the next non-urgent CT appointments. Throughput did not meet demand.


How do I get started?

Let’s talk how you can use XeP3 to drive transformation in your organisation. See a demo of how the tool makes it easy to analyse where your Noise is and track as you take it out

Or, Let us do the work!

We are experts in using XeP3 to drive productivity improvements across large and complex organisations.