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Richard Anderson

Operations Development


With years of experience delivering change across the private and public sector economy in Australia, Richard is an operating model design and transformation expert and leader. His work with his clients drives them to data-led transformation to deliver enhanced outcomes for their mission and their clients. Richard’s warm, and values-led, approach has made him a favourite of many of our clients.

Richard has worked with numerous leadership teams in redesigning their operating models and core processes to deliver step-change improvements to their operations. His experience applying Lean thinking combines with practical user-centred design, to effectively re-engineer complex processes with his clients. He is adept in the XeP3 methodology.

Through nearly 50 transformations using the powerful dataset to drive analytics untangling the Noise in processes, building the quantified case for change, and realising targeted benefits, his skillset is invaluable.


Richard experience in transformation across public and private sectors includes: Department of Home Affairs; banking; financial services; energy retailers; national retailers; disability service provision; insurance; ACT government services; aviation safety; maritime safety; Healthcare; and the federal tax agency.


His ability to connect frontline insight and strategic objectives, across some of Australia’s household names has been invaluable
Richard has successfully supported and led transformations in numerous sectors of the Australian economy and has delivered operational change across client teams ranging in size from small to large.

His warm approach to staff at all levels galvanises teams to work together and is essential to ensuring his clients can deliver sustainable change and embed continuous improvement. His personal blend of pragmatism and critical thinking are highly valued by his colleagues and clients.

Richard studied Economics at the University of Sheffield, UK.

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