Our people

Diana Bevington

Chief Product Officer


Diana Bevington is the Chief Operations Officer for Bevington Group and has many years of experience using our patented XeP3 software. She has extensive experience in working with management and staff to deliver the desired business process outcomes for organisations quickly and effectively. Many industries have profited from her expertise including financial services, energy & other utilities, government, information media & telecommunications, healthcare, manufacturing and many more.


Diana has successfully led many client teams to design and implement solutions, and is a leading change management specialist. Diana has assisted many clients to use XeP3 Lean Accelerator to improve processes and achieve significant lead time reduction, increased revenue and additional capacity in individual roles.


With a keen eye for innovation and efficiency, Diana is directly responsible for the continuing development of the patented, web based XeP3 toolset which is used by organisations to manage their business processes. XeP3 provides a cloud based method for organisations to dramatically reduce their analysis to outcome time and the cost and effort of undertaking the work because it properly engages staff. The web based implementation monitoring module allows organizations to extend the balanced score card to operating staff. XeP3 has been fully embraced by seasoned Six Sigma and Lean practitioners to lift payback on effort. XeP3 is a product which organisations licence for their staff to use.

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