Case Study

Simplifying Processes at Australia’s Leading Cancer Centre




Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre is a specialist hospital dedicated to cancer treatment, research and education. The hospital wanted to improve its patient’s experience and focussed on the process to book a non-urgent CT scan took 29 days, adding a long and unnecessary wait to the patient’s journey and consumed precious time of the specialists conducting and reviewing the scans.

Photo courtesy of the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

XeP3 insights


44% of total effort across the process was Noise – equivalent to 2 days in every week.

The drivers of this were how staff had to fight to get booking slots, delays to the booking team and specialists, and interruptions to specialists whilst performing scans.

This Noise not only affects clerical teams, but also consumes unnecessary time of scarce medical professionals, such as Radiologists, Radiographers, and Outpatient Doctors.

This inefficiency slowed down services and delayed the patient journey. Leading to a poorer patient experience and reduced capacity of specialists. This in turn created a backlog of cases, even causing some patients to wait 29 days from booking to scan.

Sources: Xep3; Bevington analysis




6 extra scans
per day due to freed-up capacity
78% decrease in Turnaround Time
due to process efficiencies gained resolving remaining operational backlogs
$500,000 increase in revenue
in the first year
96% decrease in CT booking time
from 29 days to same day bookings due to less interruptions and delays

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